Defense: 400 (+40 per Level)
Health: 300 (+35 per Level)
Focus: 250 (+10 per Level)
Speed: 4 (+0.1 per Level)
Fodrin Doombeard is a legend and a hero among the dwarves. Equipped with a robotic arm, a 55 kilogram hammer and rockets, Doombeard wreaks havoc among his enemies. His mobility on the battlefield is deceptive. Rocket and shield augmentations make Doombeard a fearsome foe, adept at defending himself with his shield, and landing on opponents with great force.
Type: Single Target
Doombeard brings down his massive hammer, dealing damage and knocking foes backwards like a boss.
Rocket Jump
Type: AoE
Doombeard activates his jump jets, blasting towards enemies and landing in a shockwave, dealing damage to all enemies in an area.
Shield Stance
Type: Reactive, Single Target, Self Buff
Doombeard hovers and brings up his shield, severely limiting his movement but increasing his defense. If an enemy gets close, he smashes him with his hammer.
Emergency Repair
Type: Self
As a last resort, Doombeard transfers all power to a repair mechanism in his suit. This ability removes all defense but grants extra health for the next turn.

A large part of the Galactic economy is involved in the acquisition of metals and other raw materials from far below a planet’s surface. Many organizations operate in this area, but none is older or more renowned than Allied Rawmaterial Fulfillment (ARF). Many centuries ago, before automated drilling systems, or ‘mining robots’ were widely available, Allied looked for a way to enable their human miners to mine precious metals and minerals on high-gravity planets where they were highly concentrated. By equipping their human miners with robotic augmentations – which were much cheaper than mining robots at the time -
and sending entire colonies of people to live on these planets, Allied eclipsed other mining companies in revenue and prestige for hundreds of years.

But the people in the mining colonies noticed something strange. Their children were getting shorter. The pull of the high gravity warped their bone and muscle structures, making them stronger but more compact than humans on other planets. The distress caused Fodrin Doombeard, the foreman of the company’s largest high-gravity mining operation, to urge his people to unionize. Together they formed the Dedicated Workers of Allied Rawmaterial Fulfillment (DWARF).

The union caused an intense internal struggle with the company. Allied responded by expelling several colonies and replacing the workers with automatons who were cheaper and more obedient. This action was considered an act of war by DWARF, who returned to their former homes, dismantled the mining robots, and slaughtered their scattered technicians.

Peace was achieved when Fodrin Doombeard gave the company an ultimatum, declaring that the mining colonies were independent and would sell their products to the company for a price. The former colonies evolved into vibrant cities with a culture all their own. Dwarves, as now they are called, endeavor to distinguish themselves from their human counterparts, and will not hesitate to enact their revenge on robots of all kinds.