Game Info

What is Arena of Heroes?

Arena of Heroes is a multiplayer, turn-based, tactical game for PC, Mac, and iPad. Players select four heroes to do battle against other players.

How do you win?

Each player has a Power Core in the back of their base. Attack the enemy’s Power Core until it has no remaining health. When it explodes, congratulations, you’ve won the match!

What is a Turn?

A turn is when one player (or the minions) get to take action. When it’s your turn, you will be able to select your Heroes, move them, and use them to attack. Once your turn is over, Minions will automatically advance and attack. Then the enemy player gets a turn.

What is a Round?

A Round consists of two player turns and two minion turns. Every time it’s your turn again, a round has been completed.

How many different Heroes are there?

To view the current number of Heroes, visit the in-game store. Every player receives Max, the Bunari Gunner, and Tempest, the Paladin of Erdo for free when they sign up for the game. Two additional Heroes will always be free as well, on a two-week rotation.

What are Coins and Gems?

Coins are earned as a reward for playing the game. More Coins are awarded for wins than for losses. Coins can be used to unlock new Heroes and buy other in-game goodies like Glyphs. When implemented, Glyphs will make your team of Heroes more powerful in a variety of ways. Until then, unlock as many Heroes as you can and save Coins for new Hero releases! To increase the rate at which you gain Coins, purchase Boosts (available in the in-game store).

Gems are only purchasable with real money. Gems can be used either to unlock new Heroes or to customize your favorite Heroes with skins. Skins are a great way to show your opponents you mean business!

What is a Guardian?

Players in Arena of Heroes are referred to as Guardians. They are tasked by the Halcyon council to protect the mysterious power that resides beneath the massive fields of Towers at the center of the Galaxy. As you play, your experience as a Guardian will go up, and you will win fame and fortune as a Guardian in the Arena.

What is Fame?

Fame is earned by playing the game. Guardians gain fame to unlock new and more powerful Glyphs. Maximum Fame level is currently level 60. To increase the rate at which you gain Fame, purchase Boosts (available in the in-game store).

My Hero died. Will he/she come back?

Yes. Your Hero will revive at your Power Core after 2 Rounds.

What are Powers/What is Focus?

Powers are abilities that Heroes can use to deal damage to enemies, heal allies, or manipulate the battlefield. Focus is the resource Heroes need to use most of their abilities and is displayed as a blue bar over every Heroes’ head. Each Hero has one Power that costs no Focus, sometimes called an “auto-attack.” Experienced Guardians know that managing focus is the lynchpin of good strategy. A costly ability NEXT turn might be worth more than a cheap ability THIS turn.

What are Actions?

Each turn, Heroes receive three actions. Actions can be used to either move or use a Power. Some abilities can award Heroes additional actions (Carmen’s “Stim”), and some abilities can remove actions (Junkyard’s “Insect-icept”).

How do I download the Game?

Visit and click on the “Download Game” button. You will need to create an account before you can play, however.

How do I chat in the game?

Press enter to open the chat bar. Type your message and hit enter again.

An enemy Hero used an ability, and I don’t know what to do!

Learn all you can about the different Heroes and their abilities. These are available through the game client and on the website at A successful Guardian must know what to expect, and how best to use their Heroes.

How do I add friends to my Friend’s List?

Click on the Friend’s List icon in the top left of the game client. There you can add friends using their email address or with their username and ID code. Your friend will receive the request but must accept it in order to be added to your Friend’s List.

How do I invite my friends to a game?

Click “Play Now” and then click “Invite Opponent.” a list of online friends will pop up. Click which friend you want to invite and confirm. Click “Play Now” and your friend will be invited to join you. In order to join a game someone invited you to, click “Play” and navigate to the “Current” tab. Any friend invites to games will be displayed there.

(Once the new patch hits you will be notified with a pop-up whenever a friend invites you to a game)

What is an ID Code/ Why do I have numbers after my name?

Your ID Code is your unique identifier. To allow players to have any name they choose, we append ID Codes to their Guardian Names.