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Patch 1.44 is LIVE!

Patch 1.44 is LIVE!

Patch 1.44 is LIVE

Patch 1.44 is LIVE!

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- iPhone version of Arena of Heroes is now available: in the App Store


- Gems can now be purchased successfully and accurately on the AoH PC client using Ultimate Pay payment provider (Credit Cards, Paypal, Amazon, Game-Cards, etc.)


- Arena of Heroes battling can tend to be tedious, and longer than it should be. We’ve made some changes that have sped up the game significantly, both in terms of Time and Total Rounds. We appreciate the thorough feedback to our gameplay, and hope the improvements maintain the tactical balance we love but decreases game-time.

- Powercores are now damaged during gameplay for each ‘kill’, and no longer require heroes to destroy them outright. However, Heroes can still damage the Powercore if they attack it. Powercore Damages: Minion Kills = 5%, Hero Kills = 15%, , and Sentry Kills = 35%.
- First-Turn (after deployment) is now randomly assigned to a team
- Melee Minions now have 60 Hit Points down from 70
- All Heroes have been scaled to be about 40% larger on the battle map
- All Heroes now have 4 Actions
- All Heroes have had their Movement raised by 80%
- A player who ‘idles’ or ‘disconnects’ during a game will be booted after 1 Round of no-play, and Victory will be granted to the remaining player


- Global Ranks will be reset upon the release of Patch 1.44
- Division Ranks will be reset upon the release of Patch 1.44


- Mid-Game freezes have been eliminated
- Camera control sensitivity has been adjusted for ease-of-use on all devices
- Game Camera will no longer get stuck in top / bottom lanes
- ELO will be calculated correctly for both Global and Division Ranks, and display correctly
- Optimized Battle Environment so that performance is increased on all platforms
- Friend Invite battles will work properly, in both Live and Asynch modes
- AI path-finding and attack prioritization fixes
- Cone and Line targeting now triggers properly
- Auto-selecting of new heroes doesn’t cause hangs
- Heroes can no longer go ‘into’ the Powercore
- Scrolling Combat Text update to include Powercore damage
- Hero ‘walk’ animations have been sped up 35%